Calling all Zombies!

If you would like to be a zombie in this year’s Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! in Palatine please send me a message with a little bit of information about yourself and a photo. halloweentechnozombie2015 {at} gmail {dot} com .

I look forward to a fun time this year with you.




It’ Coming!……

The behind the scenes magic has begun. Webs knitted together to form the infrastructure, the routings, the tracking, and the clues. Businesses and sponsors are already joining the hunt for this year. Players have been patiently waiting, and inquiring about when ticket sales begin…… soon… soon….soon.

I am filling the cauldron with all the necessary ingredients to make this years game extra fun.

OBTW….. if you’re a bicyclist….. I would like to invite you especially to join the hunt on your bike. There are special zombie routes just for you!

Lol!! (Wicked laugh)

Tune in for more…. soon….soon…